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RGS understands the complexities of working within government programs focused on platform design, manufacturing, operations, maintenance, and obsolescence, as well as special programs designed to support the Warfighter.  Competitive pressures for more products, faster design cycles, rapid product testing, shorter turn-around for parts; products; updates, and total lower costs of ownership drive the supply chain, defining the entire product lifecycle from concept through retirement.   In addition to helping agencies and departments transform their design, manufacturing, operation, maintenance, and end-of-life process to a true model-based environment, RGS supports product generation and rapid prototyping stages with support for 3D printing.  RGS has relationships with industry partners that can support all aspects of your decision process and manufacturing requirements.

While many aspects of the manufacturing, operations, and maintenance processes exist in the digital realm, there is the need to test, build, repair, and replace in the physical space.  3D printing technologies can accelerate processes within the product lifecycle and support new design processes.

Rapid prototyping involving 3D printing technologies is evolving rapidly.  From the development of new methods to deposit material to completely new materials that can be ‘printed’, finding and implementing the best technology to meet your individual needs can be a full-time job.  RGS maintains partnerships with members of the 3D printing industry and is able to provide guidance on different printers and materials that could support diverse military and governmental requirements.

RGS is able to support many types of applications through its internal experience and industry partnerships for its federal clients.  Examples of projects include the following:

  • Rapid prototyping of parts for testing and usability3D Printing Topo
  • Rapid manufacturing of parts for MRO (Maintenance, Repair, and Operation)
  • Field-generated parts in remote locations
  • Distributed production using cloud-based manufacturing tools
  • Agile tool development that evolves with project and environmental needs
  • Custom product development tailored to the user and requirements
  • Printing of landscapes and structures to plan for security operations/hazardous response
    (e.g., plan for or respond to emergency response scenarios)

The constant evolution of materials for use in 3D printing ensures that this technology will continue to grow in its benefits across industries.  Examples of evolving materials include infusing carbon fiber into printed plastic parts creating stronger and lighter products.  Improvements in printing metal products continues to evolve, providing the ability to print replacement parts for commercial and military platforms in the field.

3D printing is rapidly changing the fields of manufacturing and design, as well as the acquisition of parts and products.  For more information on how RGS can support your rapid prototyping and 3D printing needs, please contact us at 330.208.2428.

Time lapse video of the Metal X, made by Markforged, printing a part.

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