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Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) is both a process and a technology – delivering business efficiencies and centralized reporting across an organization.

Well planned PLM systems that best support an organization’s processes and workflows help internal teams, external stakeholders, and vendors collaborate, sharing more accurate information. This, in turn, helps bring products and platforms into service more efficiently than ever before.  At RGS, we understand how to apply both the theory and practice of PLM to help our customers taking full advantage of everything the technology offers.

PLM tools help track all of the information required to produce and support products, including product information, supporting files, vendor and purchasing information. The management tools in PLM provide security, automatic revision and change history, searching capabilities, project management and workflow management tools that allow users to monitor and optimize their processes and automate the movement of approvals, change notices, and other time-sensitive tasks.

PLM benefits include security of product data, automated revision control, project management tools, and change management monitoring.  Advanced search capabilities assure adherence to requisite standards and data reuse.

By electronically routing all the supporting information and documentation with pre-defined workflows, PLM tools greatly reduce the time required for any user to evaluate and sign-off on designs, dramatically shortening approval and overall design cycle time.

RGS implements PLM solutions that support the following federal program components.

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