Project and Program Management

Project and Program Management in PLM

Project management modules in PLM systems help companies monitor performance, schedule resources, and guide communications to assure project requirements and deadlines are both met. Schedules are updated and resource assignments are automatically delivered as each deadline is met.

At RGS, we know project management inside and out. It is the most common conversation with new clients. Some organizations are already using a PLM system, yet have not automated this very foundational business process. Others are only now moving beyond using spreadsheets and file folders as their basic tool set.

No matter where your organization is on the digital continuum, RGS can help evaluate organizational needs and install and implement the best-fitting software solution in a vendor-agnostic and open process.

The Value of Efficient Project Management

When project management solutions become part of the manufacturing routine, saving time is saving money. According to research firm Aberdeen Group, the use of project management software in manufacturing increases project return on investment by 28%, compared to similar firms not using PLM-based processes. These companies also complete 26% more projects either early or on-time. A study from Project Smart shows that companies using PLM-based project management tools reduce the median cost of a project by up to 75%.

Modern project management systems eliminate the need for regular meetings just to discover the status of a project. Project managers don’t need to constantly walk the halls and shop floors to keep up. These activities may feel productive, but in today’s complex world of manufacturing at Internet speed, they are time wasters.

Schedules, Deliverables, Performance

Most project managers create schedules by matching key deliverables to critical milestones. To measure achievement, many project managers use a business process called Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), a measurable value that shows how effectively a company is achieving key business objectives. By integrating project management into PLM, a manager’s schedules, deliverables, and performance goals become part of the “single source of truth” that makes PLM an engine of efficiency and innovation.

Specific services and features vary by vendor, but all offer the PLM vendors tools to help project managers track performance, monitor resource utilization goals, and match critical tasks and deliverables to the schedule. Milestone data can be matched with budgets, schedules, and resource allocation. RGS can guide you to the right fit for your company’s needs.

Using project management solutions from leading PLM vendors like Dassault Systèmes and Aras makes sure you bring a standardized, efficient process in-house. These systems are based on well-studied and documented best practices. Key features include the following.

  • Project templates based on PMI (Project Management Institute) principles
  • Stage-Gate processes
  • Gantt charts
  • Collaboration workspaces
  • Flexible scheduling, adjustable milestones
  • Dashboard insights to monitor a wide range of projects
  • Scorecards, KPI metrics, and reports
  • Assign tasks manually or automatically based on
    • Workflow
    • Milestones
    • Projects
    • Scheduling

Benefits of Automated Project Management

The unified environment of PLM as the base for project management offers the following specific benefits:

  • Processes related to tasks and deliverables are simplified as everyone standardizes on the PLM-based tools and workflows;
  • There is full visibility into project schedules, use of resources, costs, and profits;
  • Task accountability is made clear;
  • Product development cycles can shorten;
  • No time is wasted finding and managing information manually; and
  • Risk mitigation is improved as all aspects of the project become an open book.

One Size Does Not Fit All

RGS understands the dynamic nature of modern manufacturing processes and how project goals and requirements can evolve over time. We have years of experience in guiding clients through our robust, disciplined, implementation processes to help keep projects flexible yet focused. Your needs are unique and the solution we implement together will match your specific environment.

To learn more about RGS and how we can support your programs, contact us at 330.208.2428.

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